Relaxation, the virtues of foot baths

An undisputable well-being accomplice to relief fatigue accumulated during the day; foot bathing is the solution to your many problems: tired legs, static posture, bad blood circulation, long walks, trampling, etc.

Choose a warm or cold bath?

Cold water is best for bad blood circulation, swelling problems, prolong static posture: the effect of a cold water bath will give a real boost, invigorating the venous system and improving blood circulation.

In order to relief severe fatigue around the legs, ankles and feet after a long walk or a run, and for a more like relaxing effect, warm water will bring relaxation and well-being at the tissue level, muscles and joints.

Better still, one can alternate between both: using 2 basins, one with warm water and the other, cold water. Combined, you can take advantage of their invigorating and relaxing benefits at the same time as if you were at the spa.

Multiply relaxation with essential oils

Add essential oils to foot baths for best results: Grapefruit, Cypress Evergreen or Rosemary – Camphor Type to stimulate blood flow, Lavender for its relaxing effect, Lemon for its relaxing and tonic properties.

Together with Epsom or cooking salt, the relaxation is complete, the salt helping relief congestion and relaxing you even more.

Choose your essential oils and start benefiting from your relaxation time.

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