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  • Fruit Fly Repellent

    Is there anything more annoying than fruit flies in your house? You’ll find this very effective DIY recipe a must for the Summer season.

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  • Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Eliminate unpleasant odours and keep your carpet clean! Try this cleaning-powder recipe, using borax (antiseptic), baking soda (antibacterial) and essential oils (purifying).

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  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Yes, it is possible to clean your house the natural way! Try this essential-oil based recipe for a simple and effective way to clean, disinfect and decalcify your toilets.

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  • All-Natural Floor Cleaner

    We’ve got a safe, all-natural way to keep your floors clean. A mix of vinegar, water and essential oils, this recipe will leave your floors clean and lightly scented.

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  • Ceramic Cleaner

    To disinfect and remove calcium from ceramic (bathrooms, kitchens or floors), try this all-natural recipe using vinegar, essential oil and salt (single-use recipe).

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