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  • Fabric Freshening Spray

    Fall season is upon us and as the temperature drops, we keep our windows shut and all the daily little smells (doggy, sports bag, shoes, etc.) linger in the house. Here’s a pratical fabric freshening…

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  • Fruit Fly Repellent

    Is there anything more annoying than fruit flies in your house? You’ll find this very effective DIY recipe a must for the Summer season.

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  • Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Eliminate unpleasant odours and keep your carpet clean! Try this cleaning-powder recipe, using borax (antiseptic), baking soda (antibacterial) and essential oils (purifying).

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  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Yes, it is possible to clean your house the natural way! Try this essential-oil based recipe for a simple and effective way to clean, disinfect and decalcify your toilets.

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  • All-Natural Floor Cleaner

    We’ve got a safe, all-natural way to keep your floors clean. A mix of vinegar, water and essential oils, this recipe will leave your floors clean and lightly scented.

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  • Ceramic Cleaner

    To disinfect and remove calcium from ceramic (bathrooms, kitchens or floors), try this all-natural recipe using vinegar, essential oil and salt (single-use recipe).

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