• Toenail Health & Sports

    This effective toenail care helps prevent and relieve nail infections caused by excessive exposure to heat and sweat while training. A simple DIY that will turn out to be handy in your gym bag all…

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  • Dog Shampoo

    Giving our dog a bath with natural ingredients is always reassuring. Your dog will obtain a healthy looking and soft coat while spreading a delighful scent all around the house and it’ll make you say…

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  • Fruit Fly Repellent

    Is there anything more annoying than fruit flies in your house? You’ll find this very effective DIY recipe a must for the Summer season.

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  • Rooftop Cocktails

    Start your Summer with a splash with these absolutely delicious alcoholic beverages with Divine Essence essential oils. These cocktails are guaranteed to satisfy and refresh everyone during those hot days!

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  • Outdoors Spray for Dogs

    If you and your dog love outdoor activities during Summer, you’ll want to protect your companion against those annoying bugs. Here is our effective recipe to help Fido enjoy his walk as much as you…

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  • Balmy Holiday Special Room Spray

    What better way to enjoy a full house during the Holiday season when it smells like Christmas? Try our new room spray – our traditional Holiday Magic scent with a balmy twist.

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  • Vegan Eggnog (classic or peppermint)

    If you’re not already an eggnog fan, you will definitely become one after you’ve tried and tested our peppermint essential oil recipe. An absolute must for the Holiday season, to have and to share!  

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  • Floral Scented Bath Bombs

    The Holidays are made to spoil our loved ones and ourselves as well. With our super easy bath bomb DIY recipe, you’ll have enough to bring as a gift for your Christmas dinner hostess as…

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  • Festive Alcoholic Beverage Tips

    Green Mandarin champagne, Coriander gin tonic, Sweet Fennel & Lemon bloody caesar. Curious? See how a hint of essential oil can spice up your Holiday drinks at parties. We bet that Rudolf will be jealous!

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