Sustainable Trade and Development

Our planet is the third rock from the Sun and it’s ours to protect and cherish. That’s why sustainable development is central to Divine Essence’s code of conduct, striving always to minimise environmental impacts and to respect nature and humankind as well as existing standards and regulations.

Our Commitment

To honour and respect the rigorous standards of Ecocert, an organisation that embodies the global agreement and commitment towards the protection of consumers and the environment;

To guarantee both the quality and the origin of source materials through a painstaking selection of suppliers who must meet extremely exigent criteria;

To privilege and encourage the replenishment and durability of natural resources thanks to the methods and practices employed in organic agriculture;

To help stimulate the local economies of artisanal producer communities in more than 45 countries;

To participate in cooperative and mutually beneficial projects of reciprocity ranging from Quebec to Madagascar to Nepal with a view to fostering prosperity and prioritizing sustainable development and fair organic trade.


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